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ES-Mallorca, Full Metal Holiday

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(EU TOUR 2022)

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Fri. 18.08.2023

Dinkelsbühl, Summer Breeze

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Sulingen, Reload Festival 2023

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Full Metal Cruise X

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After the release of the acclaimed new single ’Temptation’, IMMINENCE will take the bigger stage, announcing 19 shows across Europe, at larger capacity than ever before. IMMINENCE: LIVE IN CONCERT - EUROPE 2022 will be a testament to the band’s increasing popularity over the years and another milestone for the Swedish quintet.

Fronted by vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarists Harald Barrett & Alex Arnoldsson, drummer Peter Hanström and bassist Christian Höijer; Imminence is ready to go back on stage once more after almost two years since the pandemic.

Following the remarkably successful announcement of the band’s exclusive acoustic tour ’Live In Concert Halls’, granting the Swedish quintet a placing in Eventim’s Official Charts as one of the fastest selling tours in Germany, Imminence takes a shockingly unexpected turn. With no remorse or regrets, we’re presented the heaviest and most extreme song in the band’s history, accompanied by the grandest video production the alternative metalcore act has ever released. The band takes us on an immense cinematic journey, directed by Pavel Trebukhin, that is seldom seen. Accompanied by the colossal, dramatic sound of ’Temptation’, Imminence verifies as a force to be reckoned with.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered in Sweden by Henrik Udd: Award-winning producer that has worked on some of the most critically acclaimed albums with acts such as Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, At The Gates and many more, including Imminence as well.
Since the release of ’Turn The Light On: Deluxe Edition’, an album era that has acted as a significant milestone, where Imminence took the step from being a promising up and comer to an established headline act, ’Temptation’ is the first new, heavy track the band is releasing in almost two years.
’Temptation’ cover artwork by Jakob Koc.

With a placing in the Top 100 Official German Album charts, a sold out run of album release shows and a 100% increase in ticket sales and doubled venue capacities during the last EU headline tour, Imminence has proven to be one of the fastest growing and exciting bands in the metal scene today.
Imminence was formed in the southmost part of Sweden and have over the years become one of the country's most promising acts with a diverse sound and universe, embracing everything from metalcore to acoustic music. Founded in 2010 by Eddie and Harald when they were just teenagers, the band grew organically with a constantly expanding fan-base all over the world while touring actively in Europe since the release of the band's breakthrough single ’The Sickness' (2015). Imminence has released three studio albums, ’I’ (2014), ’This Is Goodbye’ (2017) and ’Turn The Light On’ (2019).

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