Tim Kamrad

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“Guitar Groove Pop” – that is how TIM KAMRAD describes his sound. “English-language singer-songwriter pop music, enriched with various elements of rock and beat music. The guitar is always the base for all my songs and it accompanies me on every musical journey.” How the songs are created? “Most of the time there is a spark of a melody, oftentimes it’s a guitar riff. After that the first parts of the lyrics follow – things that heavily influence me or the things happening around myself.” 

TIM KAMRAD is twenty years old and has been making music for as long as he can remember. He started out playing the guitar at five years old and he was only seven when he stood on stage for the first time. Consequently he founded his first band in school, started writing songs and commenced by producing in his home studio. At the age of eighteen he self-released his first EP entitled CHANGES, followed by various live, television and radio appearances including support slots for Lions Head and Tom Klose, to name a few. Now, signed to ROOF Music, KAMRAD’s debut album WAYS is set for release in spring 2018.
“The album’s name Ways is actually my way of describing the initial situation around the time we started the development of the record: after the release of my debut EP “Changes” many doors had opened and new possibilities arrived. I was able to do things that I had only dreamed about only a short while before that. I got to tour Germany, I performed on television, I gave radio interviews – now I sign autographs and I have the chance to expose my music to more and more people. Of course I have not yet achieved all my goals, I certainly have to keep 
making decisions and choose the right paths, in order to get to where I want to go. Musically there have also been multiple changes of late: over recent months I have developed an enormous increase in openness for various different musical styles. That is why I now have a lot of new ways to express myself through music. On my debut album I want to bring all those influences and developments together – in a certain framework and in my very own style.” 

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