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Thu. 30.04.2020

HU-Budapest, Barba Negra

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Fri. 19.06.2020

Bonfeld, Black Sheep Festival

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25. - 28.06.2020

SLO-Tolmin, Gora Rock

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CZ-Spalene Porici, BasinFire Festival

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03. - 04.07.2020

F-Colombier-Saugnieu, Plane'R Fest

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Sat. 18.07.2020

Ustersbach, Bier.Sommer.Festival


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05. - 09.08.2020

Eschwege, Open Flair

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Wed. 19.08.2020

CH-Penthalaz, Venoge Festival

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Very probably the only band on the planet to feature a ride-on lawnmower in their promo photo, Finland’s YouTube sensation STEVE ‘N’ SEAGULLS is here to put the hick in hickory!

Originally just a bunch of local yokels from moderately successful bands, this merry mess of country cousins one day decided, just for laughs, to hillbillify (yes, “hillbillify” is henceforth officially a word) and shoot on video the AC/DC staple “Thunderstruck”. Little did they know that the home-brewed video of the song would propel the provincial posse into cyberspace stardom virtually overnight. Attention from media both domestic and foreign ensued, resulting to a slew of performances ranging from festival appearances to being the house band in the christening of your grandma’s cat.

Cue a few months, a couple of more videos and several newspaper clippings, and Steve ‘n’ Seagulls has become a buzzword known to most in their native Finland. Even record labels – notorious for their oblivion of anything worth noting – had the wool pulled from their eyes. All of a sudden Steve ‘n’ Seagulls find themselves with a recording contract. With the metal label Spinefarm, of all places. Quoth the band:

“Even though we like to have fun with music we also truly take it seriously. That's why we feel that Spinefarm is just the label for us. We've been basically working on songs that we find interesting and what makes us feel good and laugh. It looks like accidentally other people found them interesting too. We're absolutely stunned to be working on our first album with Spinefarm. It's important to us that label is also all about music.”

Now on the verge of an international release of their debut album FARM MACHINE (the moniker probably referring to the aforementioned lawnmower), the oafs in Steve ‘n’ Seagulls are as baffled of their rapid ascent to notoriety as ever.

Comprising of bumpkin beats, clodhopper chords, rural riffs and villager vocals, FARM MACHINE is the first ever Spinefarm release to feature barnyard boogie and lummox lullabies on the same album.

However cosmopolitan, there will never be enough of New York in you to save you from this.

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