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Samurai Pizza Cats 23.06.-25.06.23 Full Force Festival

23.06. - 25.06.23

Ferropolis, Full Force Festival

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Samurai Pizza Cats were founded in 2021 by Daniel Haniß (Eskimo Callboy), Sebastian Fischer and Stefan Buchwald (both ex-Fall Of Gaia). Stefan Reufer (Ex-Eleven Years) later joined as the fourth band member and completed the band. The name is a reference to an anime series from the 90s.

The band members know each other from previous projects. Daniel Haniß and Sebastian Fischer both played in Her Smile In Grief, the pre-formation of Eskimo Callboy. Later Fischer played together with Stefan Buchwald in Fall Of Gaia, where Haniß also had his fingers in the pie as producer, just as in Stefan Reufer's former band Eleven Years. Family business from downtown Castrop-Rauxel.

The band combines Metalcore and Deathcore as well as electronic elements. For the first singles, they were able to gain strong feature guests, including members of Future Palace and For I Am King. More music is in the works.

Sebastian Fischer – vocals
Daniel Haniß – guitar
Stefan Buchwald – drums
Stefan Reufer – bass