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Oceans 06.05.23 Karmoygeddon NO-Kopervik


NO-Kopervik, Karmoygeddon

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Oceans 17.06.23 Graspop Metal Meeting BE-Dessel


BE-Dessel, Graspop Metal Meeting

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Oceans 23.09.23 Rocken Hilft Essen

Saturday, 23 September 2023

Essen, Rocken Hilft

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„OCEANS could easily be the next big thing!” (blabbermouth)

The sails are set since 2018. Modern Death Metal mixed with 90’s Nu-Metal and spherical Post-Rock leads the way onto a dismal journey into the abyss. OCEANS make music for the depressed and “grip you right where it hurts most.” (Vampster)

Behind the ambitious project are the already pertinently renown German musicians Timo Rotten (vocals & guitar), Patrick Zarske (guitar), Thomas Winkelmann (bass) and the Austrian J.F.Grill (drums). After countless concerts and tours throughout Europe and North America with their previous bands, the four musicians aim for one thing: playing music from the heart with a positive message that can help to end the stigma of mental illness.

It wouldn’t be long until the release of their first single ‘SCARS’ on July 27th 2018, followed by the singles and spectacular videos for “ICARUS” and “THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE” shortly after. This gains the band a huge success in the independent metal community.

Then the most unbelievable thing happens: without ever having played a single live show OCEANS sign a deal with NUCLEAR BLAST and release their first EP “Into the Void” on March 8th 2019.

In August 2019 the band follows up with the EP “Cover Me In Darkness”, consisting of covers of songs by the like of Alessia Cara, Deftones, Radiohead and Alice In Chains. They also announce huge tours throughout Europe together with Cellar Darling in Fall 2019 and Equilibrium in Spring 2020.

The full-length debut album “The Sun and the Cold” is set to be released on January 10th 2020 via Nuclear Blast and quickly becomes "one of the most promising and polarizing heavy metal debuts you will hear anytime soon" (Outburn). OCEANS continue to refine their mix of modern death metal with nu metal and post rock on this first full length release. "OCEANS have serious ambition, and this stunning debut is just the start of achieving it." (KERRANG UK)