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Mister Misery


Beast in Black Support

(Dark Connection Tour 2021)

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NOR-Winter Metal Fest

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Sat. 11.06.2022

RUS-Moskau, Wild Energy Fest

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Mon. 13.06.2022

RUS-St. Petersburg, Wild Energy Fest

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CZ-Vizovice, Masters of Rock

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SE-Falun, Sabaton Open Air

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MISTER MISERY is a four piece metal band from the streets of Stockholm, founded in February 2018 by Harley Vendetta & Alex Nine. By blending high energy riffs with anthemic choruses and ripping guitar solos, they have managed to create a hype in the underground metal community!

Their brand new debut record »Unalive« reflects the emotions and struggles of a journey taken by the four members, including death, jail time, abandonment, drugs and poverty. Through every individual experience they’ve managed to turn that misery into something inspiring, and with that inspiration managed to pull themselves up from the dirt and given life to what they now call MISTER MISERY.

The album title itself is inspired by their undead, vampiric look and it’s their way to depict visually what it felt like for them to be metaphorically dead on the inside.

With »Unalive«, MISTER MISERY shows their musical talent and showmanship right from the start of the journey, not holding back on anything. With their catchy choruses, insane writing and guitar composition, with elements from every musical genre known to man, they are starved for stardom and to show the world how metal and rock is still alive and kicking in the 21st century.

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