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Photo: Yves Christelsohn

HOLYGRAM walk the tightrope between new wave, post-punk and industrial Krautrock: driving, gloomy and full of catchy moments. The varied in uences of the the band members who gathered in the vibrant music landscape of Cologne in 2015 are unmistakable: New Order meets NEU! Previously contradictory elements are defly combined into a sinister soundtrack for the city at twilight. Music for the lost.

The debut EP “Holygram” was recorded and mixed in the band’s studio in Cologne over sever- al months, It was first released on October 12, 2016 in both digital and limited cassette format and in December 2016 as a limited edition of 300 copies on vinyl by Oraculo Records.

The songs “Hideaway” and “Acceleration” show the atmospheric density of the band and clearly demonstrate the aspect of contrast which resona- tes subliminally throughout the production. Laid back drums meet driving basslines and synthesi- zer melodies to reflect the conflict in the lyrics. Topics such as alienation in the city or depression are explored here in a unity of word and music. “Daria”, “Still there” and “Distant Light”, on the other hand, invite the listener to dance in the fog

and strobe lights of their favourite club and make no secret of the fact that the band does not just want to stimulate melancholic musing.

The band will present the sound captured in the studio live on stage, without relying on the usual practice of backing tracks from the laptop. 

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