Double Crush Syndrome

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Long story short: DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME are going to save Rock´n´Roll! That´s right: ´are going to´! Not `want to`! If a band is able to balance that easily between yellow press and metal press, and neither at metal festival or on mainstream television loses so much as an ounce of credibility that took decades to build, you have to ask yourself: „Gee, who else could save it but them?!“


Fronted by singer and guitarist Andy Brings, a true enfant terrible (`Celebrity Shopping Queen`) and successful filmmaker (`Full Circle – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll`) DCS present their second album, after their debut `Die For Rock´n´Roll` entered the German album charts on position 48 in 2017, and laid the foundation for Rock´n´Roll world domination.

Why is this band different? What makes them stand out and impossible to fully comprehend?


Andy Brings: „We are not here, to fulfill some expectations, or give the people the usual clichés that have been tried and tested in Rock and Metal for the umpteenth time. We are not influenced by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and don´t consider ourselves to be great musicians. We are deeply rooted in Punk and Metal, but we try to write the perfect pop song with our own means.“


The perfect pop song? According to the album´s title pop must die, so what´s the deal here?


Brings: „`Death To Pop` is a great statement, and by that we want to express, that we reject everything which is not truthful and therefore cannot survive. Especially Metal has become terribly boring and predictable, and is spoon feeding the listener the same ready-made stuff over and over, and became worse pop than pop itself. I´d rather wish death upon bad metal than bad pop, because I don´t give a damn about bad pop. rock and it´s values on the other hand are very near and dear to our hearts.“


And those values are quite obvious on `Death To Pop`: love in all its facets (‚Whore’, ‚Cocaine Lips’), living a self-determined life, rejection of conformity (‚We Cannot Be Ruled’, ‚Death To Pop’) and the desire for freedom and adventure (‚Tonight’, ‚Souls To Sell’).

Like their debut album `Death To Pop` was produced by Andy Brings, but this time he also handed over the reins to his friend, mentor and legendary producer Uwe Hoffmann. On Spain´s Costa Blanca and in the band´s home in the infamous Ruhr area of Germany an album came to life which Hoffmann refers as „one of the best albums I have ever been involved with“. Given his body of work consisting of countless megahits (Die Ärzte, Sportfreunde Stiller, Terrorgruppe etc.) that says a lot.


Andy Brings: „Uwe is the ultimate king for me, I look up to him unconditionally. His word is the law to me. Working with him is the biggest possible artistic fulfillment for me and we are a great team. That goes for my bandmates Slick Prolidol (bass, vocals) and our new old drummer Markus Herzog as well.“


The sound on `Death To Pop` is more mature than before, e.g. by adding female backing singers, so the true grandeur of these mini-punk-rock-musicals that rarely break the 3 ½ minute barrier can finally unfold. With this bigger line-up DCS wants to go on tour in 2020. Brings: „We don´t use backing tracks, what you see is what you hear, either as a trio or with six people on stage. If we want to play with the DCS BIG BAND we will do it. Our own joy and energy has always been our strongest weapon, besides the songs. We are fully aware that we polarize, but we don´t care. It comes with the territory. Fun fact: every time a hater is actually facing us their knees get weak.“


This band knows no boundaries nor restrictions and will definitely bring back fun and action into Rock´n´Roll – just right when you thought it was safe again.

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