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Swedish hard rock band Corroded; a band that topped the music charts in Sweden and whose songs are worshipped by fans around the world - is finally back, and this time the stakes are raised!
After previously creating music for Swedish TV show ‘Survivors’ and the globally popular video game Battlefield, Corroded now enters ‘Defcon Zero’.

‘Defcon Zero’ isn’t just Corroded’s first new album in five years - it’s also their first release on Despotz Records. Signing to Despotz Records has opened brand new possibilities for Corroded and given them the firepower to further strengthen their position, both nationally and internationally.

‘The goal with this album is the usual - complete world domination!’ explains singer/guitarist Jens Westin explains with a smile.

The sound on ‘Defcon Zero’ is harder without losing any of the melodic focus. Five years might have flown by but ‘Defcon Zero’ picks up when the acclaimed ‘State of Disgrace’ left off; whilst sounding completely new at the same time! Above all - it sounds Corroded.

‘We worked solely within the band this time as we entered this process, with only some raw ideas without any preconceptions. From there on everybody contributed. The creative process was based on our live performances and we had tremendous fun while recording’ Jens comments.

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