Fotocredit: Petra Kleis

Christopher about ‘Leap of Faith’:

“Leap Of Faith” is a song that I needed to write. It is the song, where I mainly try to encourage myself to keep on taking chances and keep on creating changes in my life. It is the ultimate progressive song and a song about all the choices you need to make in your life, and the big responsibility that sneaks in on you, the older you get. ‘Leap Of Faith’ is the song that I hope people will put on and be excited about, especially in those moments where life hits you. For example in the moment, when you realize that you’re not immortal and people around you aren´t either. – And the moment where you realize, that the consequences to the choices you make will affect you widely.

To me the whole theme of the song, comes from me sometimes feeling as this small person in a crazy big world. It is the feeling of being a bit lost in a world, where so much is going on around you, and you think to yourself, how can I as one person make a change. Therefor the song is also about the leap of faith you take when you grow up, where you need to navigate in all different kinds of big decisions and choices. A life that is one big paradox. In one hand you get a big amount of freedom but in the other hand, all that freedom is taken away from you, because of all the responsibility that you need to handle. Compared to that, it also seemed as the only right thing to do, to make a video where I run towards a goal, I’m not really sure what is and that I keep taking chances. – Because isn’t that what we basically do all day in life? We throw ourselves out in different situations and choices and then we hope that we land at the right place with both our feet on the ground.”