Apoptygma Berzerk

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Norwegian electronic band Apoptygma Berzerk were conceived in 1989 by Stephan Groth (sometimes known as Grothesk) and Jon Erik Martinsen (who left the duo soon after formation). In the beginning, they made their mark as a hard - hitting goth industrial outfit, eventually morphing through the decades to incorporate a wide range of electronic influences. APOP's first single, "Ashes to Ashes," was released in 1991 on the Tatra label, helping them break internationally with an appearance on the S ex, Drugs & EBM compilation. They signed with Metropolis Records, which issued a career summation in 1998 entitled The Apopcalyptic Manifesto, a collection of early singles and tracks from their Norwegian debut LP, Soli Deo Gloria. The full - length 7 follow ed later in the year. In early 2000, Apoptygma Berzerk resurfaced with Welcome to Earth. Less aggressive than their early material, Earth was more new wave than industrial, marking a new direction for the group. Harmonizer added some synth pop textures to the mix in 2002, while 2005's You & Me Against the World incorporated rock guitars and more traditional song structures. That trajectory continued into the next year with the release of the Black EP, which included the angular indie rock "Shine On." A Joy Division cover would appear on the sequel to the Black EP, which they issued in 2011. In late 2016, APOP -- comprising Groth, Ted Skogmann, Jonas Groth, and Audun "Angel" Stengel -- continued their evolution on the atmospheric Exit Popularity Contest (The End Records), a compilation of three previously released instrumental EPs from 2014 (Stop Feeding the Beast), 2015 (Videodrone), and 2016 (Xenogenesis).
After playing selected (sold out) shows and festivals in 2017 and 2018 the band is recently writing songs for the upcoming album aiming for a release in January 2019 followed by a world wide tour starting in spring.
The new album will represent again all qualities of Apop most successful sounds that their fans adore for over 20 years now. High Energy Electronic Music meet powerful beats and catchy melodies. Apop is back as strong as ever!

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